"Peg and Pin, LLC's mission is to be a part of saving timber-built structures,
like barns and cabins, for people to enjoy and use for generations to come."

We are a family company that offers a full line of services
for timber framed building owners across the Midwest.
How can we help you take a step towards
saving your structure?


Need a new roof or new siding?
Need your barn painted? We can help.


Do you want to repurpose your barn for something new? We’re here to help.


Broken beam? Window Missing?
We can help fix almost anything on your barn.


Have an old barn you want torn down? For a fee
we can dispose of it for you. 


In addition to revamping barns we also
 build new barns. Tool sheds, lean-tos, additions,
& barndominiums.

Let's work together.

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