Mark Hufford

Founder & CEO

If you look back into our family history, you will find two things that are woven throughout the generations.  The first, we are a family of farmers.  The second, we are builders.  We come from a German/Swiss heritage, the same heritage that built most of the barns in the Midwest.  Our family continues both of these heritages in my generation and is now being carried on to my children’s generation.  Although we have had to adapt to changing times and methods, we continue to keep one hand in the soil and another in our nail bag.  We are involved in agricultural history as well, promoting and encouraging the preservation of sites like the Adam’s Mill.  (I served on the administrative board in the past.). We are active participants in the Pioneer Village at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, LaPorte County Pioneer Land and several historical sites (including the Feast of the Hunters' Moon) throughout the region.  Our two teams of working oxen give us an opportunity to teach and promote historical and agricultural practices to thousands of people throughout the year.  I love the opportunity to bring my passion for history & agricultural preservation together in preserving one of the greatest icons of American agriculture, the Timber Frame Barn!  In my lifetime, my grandfather & dad used construction to help supplement their farm income.  We have continued with creating a specific company called Peg & Pin, LLC to specifically serve barn owners.

Indiana Barn Foundation

Peg and Pin is a proud Business Partner  and Member
of the Indiana Barn Foundation.

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